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Scout Meeting 14th January 2016

Tonight we continued on with the PLs and APLs taking on the lead at the start of the meeting and organising the first game. They went for an old favourite that we sometimes like to call “Ankle Crusher” for obvious reasons. Ella and Jessica took the lead and asked all of the scouts to pair up sole to sole while sitting in a line on the floor. They were finding it difficult to be heard above the noise in the room so Brendan gave them a whistle. That soon got everyone’s attention.

When a pairs number was called they had to step carefully over everyone else’s legs, around the outside and back to their place again. It was a lot of fun and the scouts really enjoyed playing it. We’ll have to dust that one off more often.

Following all of the excitement of the game, we broke into our skills training groups. Fiona L from the Beavers again joined Brendan to work on her Hillwalking skills so that she could then in turn pass them on to the Beavers and the Beaver Leaders too. It was great to have the full compliment of leaders tonight as well so that we could really focus on each of the particular skills. Thomas took the group for Pioneering, Fiona had Air, Ciaran had Emergencies, and Alan again worked with the biggest group on Backwoods. They were supposed to bring sticks with them this week so that they could make Feather Stick, but all of them forgot. Hopefully they’ll remember next week. We worked on these skills for 40 mins.

For the last twenty minutes of the meeting, we finished off the personal presentations to the patrol on a personal interest for the Terra Nova Badge. There was more music and more dancing too. Check out some of the videos on our YouTube channel here and here. There is some great talent in our scout group and we look forward to having some brilliant music on camp. It’d be FAR BETTER than Brendan’s singing anyway, that’s for sure.

Some badges were given out at the end of the meeting as well for Paddling and Rowing as well as some Special Interest badges for the scouts who undertook them. The scouts were made aware that the Balbriggan Tidy Towns were looking for volunteers on Saturday mornings to help clean up the town and that it would contribute to their Community or Environmental Special Interest badge if they wanted to attend. Ciaran also announced that he had successfully passed his assessment and will be leaving in April to begin his Garda training in Templemore. Everyone congratulated him. Well done buddy.

After the meeting, the PLs and APLs met with the leaders to update them on their planning of the trip to Glendalough. Hopefully we’ll get weather like in the image below. And thus ended another very successful meeting.

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