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Emergencies Scenarios

Tonight’s meeting was at by the beach. We had been learning and practicing our Emergencies Skills and tonight we were going to put them into action. We began the meeting by reciting our Charter. It is still very important to do this even if we are not meeting in our usual place. Perhaps it is even more important. When this was done, Thomas split the scouts into 5 teams. He had come up with 10 Emergency scenarios and the scouters and scouts already at stage 3 were manning 5 bases with 2 scenarios each.

There was everything from severe bleeding to infant CPR to dehydration and broken bones. The scouts had only a five minutes with each scenario to assess and treat the injuries that they found. In fairness the most sever injury was probably to their own eyes and ears due to the terrible acting of the casualties.

When the 10 mins and 2 scenarios were up the scouts moved to the next base and were presented with another emergency situation. The key points to remember were to call for help and to reassure the casualty, while all the time making sure that they themselves were safe from any harm.

When all of the scenarios had been completed the scouters and scouts with Level 3 badges gave their feedback to each other and briefly discussed how everyone did. In the mean time, Brendan organised a relay game. Each patrol member had to crawl under the legs of the rest of their patrol and then run to one of the leaders about 10m away. They then had to spin around 15 times and run back to the next person who then did the same. Some scouts didn’t want to join in that is until they saw how much fun it was. Who doesn’t like getting dizzy and trying to run in a straight line?

As we drew the meeting to a close, the sun was setting behind Bremore Castle. It was giving out the most amazing light. Scouting needs to be done outdoors and on a beautiful evening like this, it’s easy to see why.

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