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Scout Meeting 19th May

2 Weeks ago, Alan and Brendan were missing. Tonight Fiona and Thomas were missing. It was both of their Birthdays. No they are not twins. So Fiona L from Beavers offered to help out with the meeting as she has done previously. Thanks Fiona.

The Jaguar patrol had planned the first game of the evening. It was a simple game of “Ankle Crusher” or maybe Leg Ladder Race. Whichever you prefer yourself. It was played outside and there was absolutely no cheating going on whatsoever. While Brendan kept score for the game, Alan and Fiona were inside feverishly tying square lashings to make a grid out of 4 pioneering poles. The game of Ankle Crusher went very well and everyone seems to enjoy the fact that they are being organised by the patrols themselves.

So back to the Grid that Alan and Fiona were making. It was brought out to the yard for a game of Xs & Os with a difference. The scouts were split into two teams – Wolf and Raven patrols and Cobra and Jaguar. They each had 3 bean bags and had to place the bean bags one at a time in one of the 9 boxes of the grid. They then raced back and the next patrol member placed another. The idea was to get 3 in a row. It is a game of speed and strategy. Unfortunately the scouts seemed to focus more on the speed and a lot less on the strategy. It was still a great success and is a new games that we will return to again in the future. Check out a quick video of it below.

To finish off the meeting, we had a patrol challenge. Each patrol was given a list of items from food to cars to names to cities. Brendan had prepared a grid of all of the letters f the alphabet. He dropped a coin on to the grid and whichever letter the coin landed on the patrols had to fill in the list of items with things beginning with that letter. It was surprisingly good fun

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