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Ventures Making New Friends in Italy

We had a request from some Italian scouts to video chat with them as part of an International Badge they were completing. We had some difficulty getting connected over Skype, FaceTime, and Messenger, but eventually got it to work over WhatsApp on Mary's phone (Bren's was obviously too old). We chatted with Simona and Frencesca. They wanted to know about what Irish Scouts do on camp and at meetings and how we differentiate our different age groups.

Video Call with Francesca and Simona

They explained that the colours of their neckerchief were Blue for the sea and red for the tomatoes that their town is famous for. We explained that ours is turquoise for the sea and black for pirates who used to roam the coast. They are from Salerno south of Naples.

They offered to send us their neckerchief and hopefully we can keep up contact with them to learn more about scouting in their county.

We finished off our meeting by checking through the gear the ventures had in preparation for an upcoming lightweight camp. We want to make sure that they are well prepared and can stay warm, dry and comfortable while on a camp.

Cross my palm with Silver to hear your Fortune

Gear Explosion

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