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Scouts go Geocaching

Recently the Scout Group went “Geocaching” in Ardgillan. We met at the Lidl car park at 11am and walked down to the “Lady’s Stairs”. We crossed the stairs and walked onto the Argillan grounds.

Walking to Ardgillan

Here we were divided up into two patrols of eight. The two patrols had an hour to search for geocaches that were located on the grounds. My patrol found the one called “a stroll in the woods”. It was very well hidden but I can’t say where, you will have to find it yourself!

Clue: It was a small cylinder with a piece of rolled up paper to put our names on. After our hour was up we all met up just outside the castle.

We looked for a place to eat our lunch and we found a nice spot between the Rose Gardens and the castle. After we had eaten our lunch three of our scouts cooked us some sausages and everyone got a sausage roll. After we had all finished we had a little more time to find some more geocaches.

My patrol looked for another one but we couldn’t find it. Then we packed up and started walking back to the Lidl car park where our parents were waiting to get us.



Geocaching – what is it?

Geocaching is an activity or pastime in which an item, or a container holding a number of items, is hidden at a particular location for GPS users to find by means of coordinates posted on the Internet.

How to go about geocaching?

You need to register at

Then simply download the App on your mobile phone

Finally, go out and enjoy this highly recommended outdoor activity!

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