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Scout Meeting 20th November

We had a full compliment of leaders again tonight and were joined by Killian (Ciaran’s Dad) who is an associate member and most likely going to be our Group Secretary. He wanted to be introduced to the scouts so that they knew who he was as he will be attending our Investiture next week.

After our opening we went straight outside for a game of Giants, Wizards, & Elves. The scouts split into two teams facing each other. Each team picked one of a Giant, Wizard, or Elf. On the count of 3 the teams shouted which one they were. Giants beat Wizards, Wizards beat Elves, and Elves beat Giants. The team had to make it back to a safe zone without being caught. If they were caught they changed teams. It was a bit congusing, but great fun.

Next we headed inside and started on our Pioneering Badge. The 4 leaders took one knot each and showed it to the scouts.

  • Fiona did the Reef Knot

  • Alan did the Figure of 8

  • Ciaran did the Bowline

  • Brendan did the Clove Hitch

Ciaran with the Jaguar Patrol

Then the leaders sat with the patols in Patrol Corners as they learned all four of the knots. It took a while, but all of scouts were able to tie the knots by the end of session. When Fiona produced some liquorice ropes, the scouts really got into it.

To make sure that all of the scouts were able to tie all of the knots we had a relay race where the scouts had to run up to one of the leaders and tie one of the knots. It was great fun and everyone really enjoyed the relay, but the Jaguar Patrol emerged victorious. It did take longer than expected, but it was time well spent.

Alan with the Cobra Partol showing them how a Boline should look

“The Rabbit comes up out of the hole”

Before the end of the meeting, we practiced the Group Yell for the Investiture. The scouts are going to perform it as their party piece for their parents and guests at the event next weekend. They heard it for the first time last week, but after a few goes they were yelling it out at the top of their lungs with Brendan’s help. Perhaps we should distribute ear plugs to the guests at the investiture.

We reminded the scouts that they are to wear their uniforms next week so that we make sure they have all they need for the Investiture. We also asked if some of them could come down a bit earlier to help the cubs and beavers with a dress rehearsal and some of them said they would. It’s getting close now.

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