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Summer Camp 2019 Day 5

On Sunday morning, we woke up in the woods under our bivvys. As promised, we will now tell you who got wet. It was Brendan. He was only half in and half out of the leaders bivvy, but the rain wasn't actually as heavy as it sounded on the traps. He was just a bit damp.We got up at at about 7:30, but it took us nearly 2 hours to clear up everything and make sure that we left no trace. Ellie-May was the last person to get up so, as standard, she was awarded the grumpy hat when we got back to camp. We walked out of the woods and the leaders brought us back to site in their cars.

Showers and breakfast was the order of the day when we got back to site. Everyone felt like they needed a good scrub to get the forest off of them. Before any of that though, we had flag up as the ventures had not put it up, and we awarded Ellie-May the Grumpy hat.

As a special treat for doing so well on the bivvy, Fiona had promised the scouts ice-cream. She and Mary brought some back from the shops for everyone, much to the scouts surprise and delight. Thanks Fiona 

The scouts were supposed to be cooking a brunch for the ventures, but by the time it was ready, it was nearly 3pm. It turn out that it takes a long time to cook Sausages, Rashers, Black & White Pudding, Mushrooms, Scrambled Eggs, and Beans for 27 people when you only have 4 gas rings. The grub was very welcome when it came though. Cillian, Seanie, Griffen, and Patrick did a great job cooking. While the food was being prepared, the scouts had a badminton tournament and Brendan and Donal from the venture team built a friction bridge. 

Almost as soon as we were finished eating, the ventures had to start preparing for dinner. They were treating the scouts to a curry. While they were prepping and cooking that, the scouts were given a Pioneering challenge. The had to design and build an hour glass tower. Some of the scouts who had been on Shield and are heading for Phoenix next month took the lead and showed other less experienced scouts how to tie the lashings. It was a great exercise and everyone got stuck in.

Dinner was served by the ventures and it was delicious. Plenty more volleyball and badminton was played afterwards. It is great to have it there and the scouts are engaging with each other more and more and building relationships.

As the sun went down, we had our final activity of the day. It was a game of Sardines. This is a game of hide and seek with a difference. One person goes out and hides and when someone finds them, they hide with them too. The objective is to not be the last person to find everyone else. It was great craic. Ben went first. Followed by Alex who sat silently for 45 mins before being found. Zoe finished off the game and it was midnight. It had been a very long day and everyone was tired so we headed for bed after brushing our teeth. 

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